On-Site Installation

More than calling someone in the yellow pages


DEPLOYMENT: We order, manage, track, deploy and set up your project.

MAINTENANCE: We maintain your project, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and works for you.

REAL TIME REPORTING: We report to you in real time – allowing you to know when there is a problem immediately.

Many companies describe their abilities by the thousands of technicians in a database. 

So do the yellow pages.  It is not just about the numbers of techs but how they are managed.  Keystone has a large number of technicians… but we take it much further. We manage the on-site service whether for planned equipment roll outs or assuring service level commitments.

We have been doing business with many of our techs for more than 35 years. 

We have developed business relationships and dispatch processes that are proven to work.  We operate a “committed sites program” that enables us to be able to provide consistency of service throughout our installer organization.

Have you experienced inconsistency in arrival times, missed completion dates, or do you have a general lack of information about the status of work being performed?

At Keystone, we have solutions for these issues.  We provide scale-able consistent on-site services.  We provide real-time feedback of work progress.  Our solutions allow for complete transparency.  If there is a problem, you know when we know, and you know that we are on top of fixing it.

We deploy and maintain a wide range of audio-visual technologies, digital signage players, video walls, satellite broadcast equipment CATV video distribution, and IP streaming solutions.

Whether for corporate communications, interactive distance learning, digital signage, or conference room technology for video collaboration, or interactive technology for education, Keystone’s installation services have you covered.